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What is the European Cluster Observatory?

The European Cluster Observatory is an online platform that provides a single access point to information and analysis of clusters and cluster policy in Europe. Originally launched in 2007, the Observatory is now offering a range of new services. It provides data and analysis on clusters and competitiveness, a cluster library, and a classroom for cluster education.
The European Cluster Observatory also produces analysis and reports on regional competitiveness conditions, transnational cluster networks, clusters in emerging industries, and studies on better practices in cluster organisations.
The Observatory is aimed at three main target groups:
  • policy makers and government officials at the European, national, regional and local levels;
  • cluster management staff;
  • academics and researchers.


The European Cluster Observatory offers a user-driven toolbox to facilitate analysis and support fact-based policy and learning
The Cluster Mapping tool gives access to an advanced data set on clusters and regions in Europe. It provides statistical information from a wide range of sources, both on the geographic concentration of various industries and indicators of economic performance. In addition, the Observatory offers data on the framework conditions that shape regional competitiveness. Users can access data for standard sectors and regions, or use special definitions that will be added gradually to the mapping tool. Users can also apply their own customised regional definitions.
Users can post information about events they want to promote to the cluster community, such as conferences, seminars and workshops.
The Classroom offers videos and other educational materials which give an introduction to clusters and cluster policy.
The wiki pages present information about regions, sectors, organisations and networks, all of which can be linked to each other and to documents and events. Users contribute the contents of the pages. For example, a cluster policy officer in a region can provide information about cluster policies in the region, upload relevant documents and link them to the region, and link the region to its local cluster organisations.
The Cluster Library is a European depository for all kinds of cluster-related documents. Users can browse and search for cluster policy reports, sectoral cluster reports, regional cluster reports, and cluster cases. Users can also contribute to the Library by adding their own documents. A subscription system allows users to be notified when relevant documents or events are posted.
This fact sheet gives a brief presentation of the Observatory.
The European Cluster Observatory is managed by the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness (CSC) at the Stockholm School of Economics, and is financed by the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, under the Europe INNOVA initiative, and the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.

For more information about the Observatory please contact:

Center for Strategy and Competitiveness

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